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Buster Shuffle


Saturday 11pm
@Monde Électrique

Music is supposed to be about having fun and it’s practically impossible not to have a good time when listening to Buster Shuffle. Formed in 2007 by Jet Baker, Buster Shuffle effortlessly fuses cockney Ska Punk with authentic Rock and Roll influences.

The band boasts supports with Madness, The Blockheads, The Selecter, The Wombats and The Beat, along with sold out in-store Fred Perry subculture gigs which enhanced the band’s already formidable reputation. Their debut single “I don’t trust a word you say” was premiered by the world's most read newspaper, London’s “Metro” with readership of over 1 million per day. Having made their first forays into the USA, Canada and Mexico, Buster Shuffle have their sights firmly set on world domination.

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