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Still-Moving DJs


Saturday Evening
@Monde Électrique

Sunday Evening
@Monde Électrique

Still-Moving DJs are regulars at Twinwood - they started by bringing the party atmosphere to our popular but small woodland venue "The Glade" - and they can now be found in our newer, larger woodland haunt "Le Monde Electrique". Both Martin and Tom have been actively involved with live music and DJ-ing for over thirteen years.

Martin played his first show for a university orchestra that had hugely varying tastes. Brought up on a healthy diet of Classical, Rock 'n' Roll and Folk, Martin has a love for music history, world music and the local music scene. He discovered a lot of amazing music whilst travelling and working as a music journalist, and is always on the look-out for great records and musicians.

Tom has toured the world from Southampton to New Zealand and many roads between, with live percussion adding an expressive, improvised and fresh slant on the show. He has been involved in music all his life, and has released tracks on Vinyl. Well known for Reggae, Dub and Ska with live Percussion, Tom is also well known for his dinosaur collection, which make a regular appearance spinning on record decks at shows!

See you at Twinwood - The ultimate vintage festival for music, dance and fashion!

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