Twinwood Festival

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The Electric Swing Circus


Saturday 9.30pm
@Monde Électrique

Ladies and Gentlemen, hold onto your hats - the circus is back in town! A full time, touring band on the international circuit, The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of saucy swing and stomping electro beats. Drawing influence from 1920's swing and jazz, the explosive sound of the ESC reverberates back through time, re-inventing the genre of electro-swing for an ever expanding, multi-generational audience.

Fronted by two female vocalists, The Electric Swing Circus delivers a consistently dazzling show, hotfooting their way through everything from breakbeat and house to reggae and dubstep, all with their own unique style of swing.

See you at Twinwood - The ultimate vintage festival for music, dance and fashion!

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