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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions about Twinwood Festival. Clicking on any question below will take you to our corresponding answer.

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The Music


Covid Measures

Getting To Twinwood

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The Music

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What bands are playing, and what are the timings and running order?

Please Click Here for the full band line up, running order and timings.

Does my ticket include entry to everything during the festival?

Yes. Your ticket includes entry to everything that is happening on the day or days your ticket is valid for, including all concert performances, shows, dances, exhibits, museums, etc, etc.


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What are the ticket prices?

Please Click Here to view ticket prices in our online shop.

How do I buy tickets?

Click Here to buy in our online shop (recommended), or book over the phone by ringing Twinwood Events (see our contact details).

When will the tickets be sent out?

If you order online before March, you will receive an automatic receipt by email, and your tickets will be posted to you during March. If you order by telephone or post, you will receive your receipt by email within 24 hours (please provide your email address if you have one), and your tickets will be posted during March.

If you order after March, your tickets will be posted to you within 10 days of your order.

If you order your tickets within 10 days before the festival start date, you wont be sent tickets by post, but instead you will be given a unique ticket collection number (by telephone or email), which you will need to quote to collect your tickets upon arrival at the festival.

Do we still need to order a ticket for our child under 5 even though they're free of charge?

You don’t need to order a ticket for children under 5, but we need to know how many people are coming, so please mention to us when you book, that you are bringing an infant.

Will we be able to purchase tickets on the gate?

No unfortunately you will not be able to buy tickets on the gate. Twinwood Festival has been a pre-booking sell out event every year since 2008. Check our website to find out current ticket availability.

Covid Measures

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What Covid measures are in place at the festival?

We work closely with our local authorities to ensure that Twinwood Festival implements all necessary Covid precautions.

Almost all of the Twinwood site is outdoors, with spacious camping fields and multiple outdoor music venues.

Twinwood's indoor venues have been modified to have excellent natural ventilation, and these modifications have been shown to our local authorities. Bars now have a one-way serving system and increased hygiene measures in place.

Alcohol gel hand sanitisers will be available for public use in reception areas, bars, catering areas, toilets, trader stalls, ticket offices, and other places where the public might interact with staff and traders.

Public toilets and showers are regularly cleaned and maintained by our sanitation staff. 200 camping pitches have been supplied - by Twinwood - with their own private per-pitch toilet pods. Other caravan and motorhome users who have their own sanitation facilities are encouraged to use them.

Twinwood staff and workers will be asked to show either double-vaccination status or negative lateral flow test results, in order to be permitted to work at the festival.

We operate a shuttle bus service to and from the public carpark to the festival site. Masks would be appreciated worn on the shuttle bus please.

Are Covid Passports required for Twinwood?

No. We have met with our local authorities to discuss such passports, and we can confirm that Twinwood festival-goers will not be required to show Covid Passports on entry to the festival.

However, we understand that there is a slim possibility that the UK government could change the law to make them mandatory before the festival dates. We therefore kindly ask - as a precautionary measure, that if you have covid certification, bring it anyway.

Getting To Twinwood

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Where can I find travel directions by car and public transport?

Please Click Here for detailed travel directions, and Click Here for a map.

What are the car parking facilities at Twinwood?

There are many acres of free car parking at Twinwood Airfield, and a free shuttle bus service is provided to all visitors between the main Arena and the North West Car Park. Visitors are welcome to bring their folding chairs, etc onto the bus, and this free service means that whilst the distance between the car parks and main Arena is only about 360 metres, there are no long walking distances required at all. There are two disabled car parks, one for non-wheelchair users, who are able to use the bus to the Main Arena entrance, and one for wheelchair users who are unable to use the bus.

Where is the entrance to the festival site?

There is only one entrance and exit to Twinwood Festival for the public, and that is via Twinwood Road. All other approaches are prohibited.

Local Accommodation and Campsites

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Where can I find a list of local Hotels and B&Bs?

Please Click Here for our full accommodation list.

What facilities do Twinwood Campsites have?

The main camp site (A) is situated directly adjacent to the Arena and the mature oaks of Twinwood. It is a totally grassed area with beautiful views across Bedfordshire. Campsites B and C are in the next field, joining onto campsite A. Facilities include: flush toilets in campsite A, with additional chemical ones in campsites A, B and C, basic showering facilities, water points, chemical disposal points, hair drying facilities, good lighting and fire points. On arrival our staff will direct you to your plot. Security staff patrol the site regularly and a permanently manned security point can be found at the site entrance. A First Aid and paramedic team are onsite during the festival. The campsite shop is situated in campsite A, providing necessary provisions, and cooked breakfasts are provided nearby on the Main Arena decking area. It is advisable for campers to bring a torch.

What should campers do with their rubbish?

Please bring black binbags with you. Please take home recyclable rubbish if you can. Please leave your refuse bagged up (double-bagged if necessary to prevent spills) by the back or side of your caravan or motorhome for us to collect on Tuesday as you leave.

What is the difference between Campsites A, B, C, D, E... etc?

Campsites A, B, C and D are all close to the festival site, and have easy access to all the amenities, including showers, toilets, water points and chemical disposal points. Campsite A is the closest, being right next to the Main Arena, with B, C and D being progressively further from the Main Arena entrance. Campsite D includes some sloping land as well as flat.

Campsites E and G do not have showers or toilets, but do have water points and chemical disposal points. Electric hook-ups are available in E and G. Shuttle busses run from the Reception Paddock to the Main Arena, providing easy travel for E and G campers.

Click Here to view a map of the campsites, showing their relative positions in the festival site.

Can I camp for just one night?

Every person in the Twinwood campsites must be in possession of a full 3-day ticket. Single-day ticket holders (e.g. Saturday only, or Sunday only) are not permitted to camp in the campsites, or to stay overnight with friends in the campsite.

Can I camp alone, or do I have to share the pitch with a friend/partner?

If you have an electric hook-up pitch, then regardless of the campsite, a minimum of TWO 3-day adult tickets must be purchased.

For normal (non-electric) pitches, it depends on the campsite. In Campsites A and B, if you are using a caravan, motorhome, or multi-person tent, then a minimum of TWO 3-day adult tickets must be purchased. If you have just a small one-man tent in Campsite A or B, then a single 3-day adult ticket holder may camp. In any of the other campsites, for normal (non-electric) pitches, a single 3-day adult ticket holder may have a pitch to themselves.

Will I be able to park my car next to my tent?

Yes. All the campsite pitches are well spaced out, and we can allow a car to park next to the tent. Only one car is permitted onto each campsite pitch, so if you are sharing your tent or caravan with friends, please make arrangements to arrive at the festival together.

Will I be able to pitch my caravan next to my friend’s tent?

The campsite stewards fill the pitch spaces as people arrive, so if you want to be next to a friend, you must arrive together. Generally the tents are in a separate area from the motorhomes and caravans, but we will always allow friends who arrive together to pitch up and park next to each other.

I'm sharing a tent with a friend, but I am arriving separately. Is this OK?

Only ONE vehicle is permitted to park on a pitch, and that will be the vehicle in possession of the Campsite Pass. Please try to arrange to arrive at the venue together in one vehicle, but if it is not possible, then additional cars will be allowed to park in the "Long Stay Car Park", but will need to have purchased a "Long Stay Car Pass", by ordering over the phone on 01234 824773. Extra cars are not allowed to drive into the campsites to ‘drop off' items so you will need to carry your clothes and toiletries to your friend's pitch.

Can we use a generator in the campsite?

We recommend that you bring a fully charged Leisure Battery for use. However, if you do use a generator, please bear in mind that the majority of campers who (who believe there is no need for generator use at Twinwood Festival) find the noise of generators distressing. Any generator which is used, may only be operated for short periods of time, not exceeding 30 minutes and generators must not be used before 10.30am or after 9pm. We will continue to review this situation and we hope that by responsible and limited use, for short periods only, we will not have to make further restrictions or ban them in future. Please note that this rule does not apply to the Twinwood Events Generators used to power the lighting towers which are an essential Health and Safety Requirement.

Are barbeques allowed in the campsite?

Cooking, using small barbeques is permitted by caravan and campers in the campsites only. Every barbeque must have either a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water or sand situated close by whilst in use. Barbeques must not be left unattended until the appliance is completely cold. Fires must be contained in a purpose made Barbeque that is raised off the ground, and be operated in a safe manner, and kept at a safe distance away from tents. Fires on the ground are not permitted. Cooking or heating food or drinks is NOT permitted on the Arena, or by those who are not camping onsite.

Are dogs allowed onto the campsite?

Camping visitors may bring well behaved pet dogs into the campsites. Dogs are not permitted onto any other area of the showground other than in the Twinwood campsites. Public footpaths are nearby for exercising dogs. Owners must bring equipment to clean up after their dogs. Please keep dogs on leads at all times. Ensure male dogs are kept well away from other peoples tents and property to avoid any risk of leg cocking accidents! Owners of a dog causing a nuisance or irritation to others may be asked to leave the site.

Can camping passes be purchased on arrival?

No. You need to book well in advance for this popular event.

Enjoying the Festival

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What are the festival entry times?

Camping ticket holders and traders can arrive on the Thursday from 8am until 8pm, and on Friday from 8am to 8pm. On Saturday, campers can arrive at 10am. The campsites will close at midday on Tuesday.

Day ticket holders gates will open from 10.30am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Those arriving after dusk will not be allowed entry to the site as we cannot ticket check and park people up in the night. The gates will be closed at 8pm on Thursday and Friday nights to caravans and campervans and cars wishing to camp.

If your journey means you will arrive in the middle of the night then please plan an overnight stop elsewhere during your journey so that you can arrive at Twinwood in daylight.

Will I be able to re-enter the site if I leave during the day?

Yes. On arrival you are given a wristband which indicates what day(s) your ticket is valid for, and as long as the wristband is not removed from your wrist, you will be able to leave and re-enter the site with ease. Wristbands are non-transferable. Any wristband which has been removed, damaged, or cut is rendered invalid and re-entry will not be permitted.

What types of food and drink will be at the festival?

There is a selection of quality caterers, serving all types of hot and cold foods. The three bars are stocked with a large range of real ales, beer, lager, cider, wine, spirits, and soft drinks, and are at pub prices. Tea and coffee can be found at many locations around the site.

Is there seating, or should I bring my own chairs?

A limited amount of seating is provided in front of both stages and near catering outlets. It is a good idea to bring your own lightweight folding chairs or blankets to sit on. Please note that tables are NOT allowed to be taken into the Arena for safety and ambulance access reasons.

What is an Arena Box?

We have a few private Arena Boxes, which are situated on the Main Arena, and can be hired for the full festival weekend only. The boxes are approx 12ft by 12ft, have a raised wooden base, are covered on 3 sides, and have a roof. They also have a private roped-off grass area outside at the front. They are suitable for friends to share. The boxes don't come furnished, and it is advisable to bring folding picnic chairs to use inside them. (Boxes become fully booked well in advance, so book early if interested.)

What is a table in the Arena Marquee?

The Arena Marquee is situated adjacent to the private Arena Boxes. It is open at the front, offering an excellent view of the stage. Tables in here can be pre-booked. The tables are wooden, rectangular pub-style picnic tables and they have fixed bench seats. The marquee has a hard floor, lighting and a private roped-off grass area outside at the front. Picnic chairs can't be used inside the marquee, but they can be stored at the back of the marquee when not in use. A table in the Arena Marquee is the next best thing to an Arena Box. Early booking essential!

Will there be a festival souvenir programme?

The festival souvenir programme is what we call our Festival Brochure. It is FREE and we will be posting it out to everybody on our mailing list after March. If you would like a copy please contact us, supplying your postal address, and we will send one to you.

Can I bring my Dog?

Day visitors should not bring dogs, as they are not allowed onto the showground or in any of the venues. Campers are allowed to bring dogs, but they must stay within the campsites. See rules above regarding dogs in the campsite.

What do people wear?

Twinwood Festival is a fun and relaxed event. Wear what you are comfortable in! About half our visitors dress in vintage 1920s to 1950s clothing and uniforms, so you will not feel out of place if you decide to dress up. Please note, many areas are grass, and the pathways are stony. It is a good idea to bring a pair of comfortable shoes with thick, grip, non-slip soles for walking between the different areas, so that expensive dance shoes are not damaged, and slips and falls can be avoided. Remember that we cannot predict the weather so please bring sensible clothing and sensible footwear for all weather eventualities. A sun hat is often useful. The evening performances end quite late, and a warm jacket will be useful at the end of the evening. A big attraction of this festival is the fact that many make the effort to dress in period costume and World War II uniforms, but we would ask visitors not to display Axis insignia or medals that may cause offence.

What are the dance floors like?

Twinwood has large sprung wooden dance floors in front of the main stages. In case of inclement weather, the outdoor dance floors will be slippery when wet. Twinwood Events cannot accept responsibility for accidents which may occur on the dance floor. All dancing is done at your own risk.

What are the toilet facilities?

There are plenty of toilets (flush toilets, and mobile chemical ones) across the festival site and in the campsites. The toilets are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Will there be wheelchair access / disabled facilities?

We have disabled mobile toilets close to the arenas, and two disabled car parks - one is for non-wheelchair users and is serviced by our shuttle bus, taking visitors to the Arena entrance. The other is for wheelchair users who cannot use the bus and is nearer to the Arena. We have ramps onto the Arena decking area and ramps into the bars. For disabled camping visitors, if you have a disabled badge, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You must request disabled camping at the time of booking and the pitches closest to the facilities are strictly first come, first served and are limited in number. Please note that Twinwood Festival is an outdoor music festival. The surface of the Arena, car parks and campsites is grass, and the pathways and area near the museums are original tracks from WWII. The distance to the disabled campsite to the main Arena is approx 50m. The main Arena stage to the 2nd stage is approx 300m. (see site plan in brochure or on website). Please note that the pathways are quite stony, and some wheelchair users or people who are unsteady on their feet may need assistance.

Are mobility scooters allowed?

Yes, but only if you have public liability insurance for your mobility scooter. If you bring a mobility scooter, you must also bring your public liability (third party damage or injury) insurance certificate with you to show to the stewards.

Are bicycles allowed?

Bicycles are only allowed in the campsites and are not allowed on the festival site.

Are barbeques allowed in the arena or car-parks?

No. Due to fire regulations, barbeques and appliances for the heating of food or drinks are not permitted in the Arenas or car parks. (Those who are camping can barbeque in the campsites only.)

Where are the rubbish recycling points?

Please place your rubbish in any of the bins provided, because this waste is then sorted for recycling after collection. All of our waste management is handled by Paul Riches Skips. After receiving our waste, Paul Riches Skips sorts through everything at their plant, and recycles at least 85% of all the waste. In fact, in 2018 they hit a fantastic 90% recycling rate, and are committed to improving this even further.

Will there be any covered areas if it rains?

Yes, plenty. The Twinwood Arena stage is outdoors, and the show will go ahead, rain or shine. There are plenty of undercover and indoor areas, including the Control Tower stage with covered dance floor, The Dance Marquee, the Hangar, the huge Colonial Club, the Tin Hat Club, The Casablanca Club, The Café Bois de Jumeau, The Soulshack, and all of the bars, and all of the museums.

Can I take a gazebo into the Arena?

No. Gazebos and large umbrellas are not allowed to be taken into the arena, as they can cause considerable distress to other people who are sitting behind them. Also, in windy conditions gazebos and large umbrellas quickly become dangerous.

Where is the nearest ATM or cash point machine?

We don’t have onsite cash point facilities, but there is a cashpoint at Tesco in the village of Clapham, 1 mile away. There are also cash facilities at Sainsbury’s (Clapham Road, Bedford), about 3 miles away.

Are there any shops at the festival?

There is a convenience store in Campsite A, selling basic groceries, newspapers, cigarettes, toiletries, etc. There are a variety of different types of caterers. There is a vast array of traders selling everything from vintage clothing and accessories, to music memorabilia, art and lots more.

What shops does Clapham village have?

The thriving village of Clapham is only one mile away, offering a post office, chemist, grocery store, bakery, newsagent, pubs, restaurants and take-aways, etc. Sainsbury’s superstore is only another mile on, with petrol and cash point facilities.

What’s your camera and filming policy?

Cameras for personal use are welcome. No professional filming or photography is allowed. Visitors attending the festival might be photographed by Twinwood Events and images could be used in Twinwood Events future promotional literature.


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I'm interested in being a trader at Twinwood Festival.

Twinwood Festival is now an extremely popular event, and all of the trade pitch space that we have gets snapped up very early on. If you are interested in becoming a trader at Twinwood Festival in the future, please email us, and let us know what you do.

I’m interested in bringing a coach group to Twinwood Festival.

If you are bringing a group of 20 people or more, who will all be arriving together by coach, then you will qualify for our coach groups rate. Please contact us to request the coach groups booking form and to ask us about our coach rates.

I'm having trouble using this website, what can I do?

Please contact us describing your issue, and we will do our best to help.

How do I find out about terms and conditions?

Please Click Here to read our terms & conditions.

See you at Twinwood - The ultimate vintage festival for music, dance and fashion!

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