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Tickets (For Festival-goers & Traders)

The ticket is issued for the festival by Twinwood Events Limited subject to the following conditions:-

The use of this ticket shall constitute acceptance by the bearer of the conditions of issue and imply an undertaking on the part of the bearer to observe them and any other notice or regulation issued by Twinwood Events and displayed at the venue.

Tickets with their stubs intact must be presented at the gate to gain entry into the festival.

If you order at the show for next year's show, you are given a paper receipt. If you order online before March: you will receive an automatic receipt by email. In both cases your tickets will be posted to you during March. Please put a note in your diary to expect to receive them in March. If you have not received them by the end of March, or early April, contact us immediately.

If you book tickets for the festival after March: allow 21 days for delivery of your tickets if booked by telephone or online, and allow 28 days for delivery if booked by cheque.

Tickets are posted to the address you give us on your order, or according to your written instructions. If you move house before your tickets are posted and without informing us of the address change in good time, it is your responsibility and your fault if your tickets get lost.

When you receive your tickets, check they are correct, put them in a safe place, and remember where they are! Tickets will not be replaced if lost. If you are camping, you will also receive a campsite pass, which should be displayed on your vehicle's windscreen whilst on site.

The email receipt or email confirmation you receive after a ticket purchase is NOT an "e-ticket", and it can NOT be used as a ticket, neither printed or displayed on a screen. Entry will only be permitted to people that bring the tickets that were physically posted to them.

The ticket prices are all-inclusive of the "booking fee" - this booking fee is comprised of the 3% payment processing fee (which is charged by PayPal or the Credit/Debit card provider), plus 7% which covers postage&packing and admin costs. (Just to be clear, the booking fee is included in the ticket price and there are no additional charges on top of the advertised ticket price). Please note that because this booking fee is completely non-recoverable, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, AND CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR REFUND. Customers are advised to take out their own travel insurance in case of illness etc.



These conditions of issue are governed by English Law, any dispute arising out of or in connection with them shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Court.

Tickets Required for Camping

Every individual person in the Twinwood campsites must be in possession of a full "3-day Ticket". Single-day ticket holders (e.g. Saturday only, or Sunday only) are not permitted to camp in the campsites, or to stay overnight with friends in the campsite.

In addition to the "3-day Tickets", a Campsite Pitch reservation must also be purchased. A campsite pitch reservation is booked per-pitch, not per-person. For example, two people staying on the same pitch would need to buy two "3-day Tickets", but just one "Campsite Pitch".

The size of our pitches are suitable for all standard caravans + car, motorhomes, tents + car, and awnings are allowed.

Allowed Vehicles for Campers

Only ONE vehicle is permitted on each camping pitch. If sharing a tent or caravan etc. with friends, please make arrangements to arrive together in the same vehicle. Any vehicles extra to this MUST be parked in the "Long Stay Carpark", and there is a charge for each of these additional vehicles (see below).

Campers please note - car parking tickets for extra vehicles cost £30 (valid Thursday to Tuesday), and must to be obtained in advance by phoning 01234 824773 and paying by card. Such space for additional vehicles is limited and may sell out.


If you are camping in a motorhome, it must be shorter than 30 foot in length, and lighter than 5 tonnes. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate motorhomes that are larger than this.


Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband on arrival at the festival, which is what allows you to have easy and secure access around the site. The wristband is NON TRANSFERABLE. The wristband must be worn at all times during the duration of your stay. Wristbands become invalid if they are damaged, cut, or removed. Wristbands will not be replaced if lost or damaged. Those without wristbands will be refused admission to the festival site.

Entry Times

Camping ticket holders can arrive on the Thursday from 8am until 8pm, and on Friday from 8am to 8pm. On Saturday, campers can arrive at 10am. The campsites will close at midday on Tuesday. Please note that the toilets and showers could be removed at any time on Tuesday.

Day ticket holders gates will open from 10.30am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Those arriving after dusk will not be allowed entry to the site as we cannot ticket check and park people up in the night. The gates will be closed at 8pm on Thursday and Friday nights to caravans and campervans and cars wishing to camp.

If your journey means you will arrive in the middle of the night then please plan an overnight stop elsewhere during your journey so that you can arrive at Twinwood in daylight.

The Festival Brochure

This is the brochure that is posted out with your tickets. Twinwood Festival is a large site, with multiple stages. To make the most of your visit, it is essential that you read your brochure thoroughly so that you can plan the entertainment that you wish to see and so that you know where the first aid point is.

Scheduled Bands & Performers

Bands and other artists/performers are contracted, and Twinwood Events Ltd accepts no responsibility if an act fails to attend, or at the time scheduled. The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions are subject to change at any time without notice.


Day visitors or Glampers must not bring dogs. Camping visitors may bring quiet, well-behaved dogs into the campsites only. Dogs are not permitted into the festival site. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and owners of nuisance dogs will be asked to leave the festival with no refund.

Gazebos, Large Umbrellas and Tables

Gazebos, tents, large umbrellas, and tables are banned from the whole of the festival site. All items taken to the arena in the day, but left on the grass overnight will be removed by our rubbish collection team prior to the next day of the festival.

Standing/Sitting in the Arena

You may bring small folding chairs or blankets to sit on in the Arena, but please be aware that other festival-goers may wish to stand or dance in front of you and this is totally permitted. You must take your chairs, blankets and all other items with you when you return to your camping vehicle or car in the evening, as your items cannot be left overnight in the festival site.


Bicycles are only allowed in the campsites and should NOT be brought onto the festival site.

Lost Property

Lost property should be taken to our Left Luggage facility, which is opposite the First Aid hut. It is advisable NOT to bring valuable possessions with you. Twinwood Events Ltd will not accept liability for personal damages, losses or injuries sustained at the event - including damage and losses to property and motor vehicles.

Food and Drink

Picnics are allowed on the grass areas of the Main Arena, but food/drink which has not been purchased from Twinwood Festival caterers/bars may not be taken into any indoor venues or bars, or onto the outside decking area of the Main Arena Bar.

Food Allergies

Anyone with life-threatening food allergies should bring their own food.


For campers only: cooking using small barbeques is permitted by caravanners and campers in the campsites only. Persons intending to cook, or who have a BBQ must have a fire extinguisher close by. BBQs must not be left unattended until the appliance is completely cold. Fires must be contained in a purpose made BBQ that is raised off the ground, to avoid damaging our grass, and must be operated in a safe and responsible manner, and kept at a safe distance away from tents. Do NOT burn plastics in Barbeques. Fires on the ground are not permitted. Cooking/heating food/drinks is not permitted on the arena or by those who are not caravanning/camping onsite. All caravans should contain a fire extinguisher.



Please bring your own bin liners. Please take home your bottles and cans for recycling. Due to the huge increase in the cost of refuse disposal and recycling, we ask all campers to take home as much of your own rubbish as possible, and this will help us keep our campsite charges down at a sensible level.

Campers - please leave your refuse bagged up (double-bagged if possible to prevent spills) in the dedicated rubbish collection points in the campsites.

Our waste management is handled by Paul Riches Skips. After receiving our waste, Paul Riches Skips sorts through everything at their plant, and recycles at least 85% of all the waste.

Please DO NOT DISPOSE OF OIL in any of the tanks or bins provided for waste disposal. You must take waste oil home with you.


Twinwood Events Limited take no responsibility for adverse weather conditions and festival goers attend Twinwood Festival at their own risk with regard to whatever effect adverse weather conditions have on the festival ground, campsites, car parks, and festival programme.


Twinwood Festival is an outdoors event, and whilst we do everything to repair any damage to the ground caused by burrowing animals such as moles or rabbits, festival-goers should be aware of the effects of wildlife and should wear suitable footwear for an outdoor event held on grass. Twinwood Events Limited takes no responsibility for any uneven ground caused by such animals that remained undetected by us.

Please be aware that bugs such as ants, spiders, flies and wasps etc. can be encountered in such a countryside location.


As the festival is situated on farmland in the countryside, Twinwood Events Limited take no responsibility for any farming odours from nearby farms.

Electric Hook-Up Pitches (EHUs)

EHU pitches are allocated at the discretion of the company’s representatives at the campsite.

Pitching Requirements

All units connecting to an electrical hook-up will be required to back up centrally to the white marker. This will enable the festival goer to pull straight off their pitch when leaving the site. This also applies to tents and trailer tents.

All units camping on a non-electric pitch will be forward parked onto the white marker. This will enable the festival goer to pull straight off their pitch when leaving the site.

No camping unit will be allowed to pitch their unit across the width of the pitch.

Any unit not meeting these simple requirements will be told by the stewards that they will need to reposition their unit.

Saturday and Sunday Arrival

Any camper arriving on Saturday or Sunday should advise Twinwood beforehand. This will reduce potential delays in allocating you a camping pitch.

Cable and Equipment Specifications

Each camper using an EHU pitch must provide a suitable cable to facilitate their hook-up from the distribution board as follows:

For a live-in vehicle EHU: a cable that is a minimum of 2.5mm2 and is double insulated, three core, of an outdoor grade, that has a 16 amp, single phase Ceeform socket on one end and a Ceeform plug on the other. Ideally the cable should be between 20 metres to 30 metres in length.

For a tent EHU: a cable that is 2.5mm2, double insulated, three core, outdoor grade (twin and earth is not acceptable), that has a 16 amp single phase Ceeform plug. The other end of the cable should be a 13 amp socket with a 30 mA residual current protection device. Ideally the cable should be between 20 metres to 30 metres in length.

Each camper must also have a polarity tester.

Campers should use low-wattage camping electrical items only, NOT domestic electrical items – for example a domestic kettle uses 2000 Watts, whereas a camping kettle only uses 750 Watts.

General Information

The electrical supply has been designed so that minor nuisance trips should only take out the individual supply, or at worst the final distribution board in the circuit.

Should a camper cause persistent trips and/or take out a larger trip in the circuit that disables larger areas of the campsite, then the company reserves the right to refuse or withdraw supply to that camper’s pitch. In extreme circumstances electrical equipment may be removed until the camper departs.

The power for EHU pitches is generated onsite by diesel-electric generators and a temporary distribution network. Due to the temporary nature of this infrastructure, Twinwood Events Limited cannot guarantee continuous supply of power in the event of technical issues or breakdown of the equipment, and does not accept liability for loss of power to any EHU pitch which arises as a result.

Twinwood Events Limited endeavors to maintain a continuous electricity supply to campers who have booked an EHU pitch, but please note this supply is not reliable enough to have medical equipment attached to it.

The electrical contractor reserves the right to refuse connection if they do not feel that a camper’s equipment meets the required standards or specification.

It is the responsibility of the camper to ensure that the camper’s plug, cable, and associated sockets used to connect between the distribution board and the camper’s vehicle, is safe and fit for purpose.

We cannot accept responsibility for any accident or damage that arises from your use of the electrics. This includes anyone trying to connect their own unsafe or unsuitable electrical equipment to the campsite electricity supply.

Charging of electric cars is NOT permitted. The supply is not designed to support electric vehicle charging. Anyone found doing so may be asked to leave the campsite and no refund will be given.

Anyone found tampering with Twinwood Events Limited's generators and lighting towers will be evicted from the site without debate.

Connecting Your EHU

Make sure you follow these steps each time you connect your electric hook-up:

1) Switch off all your appliances.
2) Check your caravan isolation switch is set to “OFF”.
3) Uncoil the connecting cable from the drum (a coiled cable with current flowing through may overheat).
4) Take your caravan electric hook-up cable and insert the connector (female end) into the caravan inlet.
5) Insert the plug (male end) into the site outlet socket.
6) Switch your caravan isolating switch to “ON”.
7) Insert a polarity tester into one of the 3-pin sockets in the caravan to check all connections are correctly wired.

Note: Do not use the supply if the polarity is incorrect.

Note: Never leave a polarity tester in the 3-pin sockets.

Disconnecting Your EHU

Make sure you follow these steps each time you disconnect your electric hook-up:

1) Switch your caravan isolating switch to “OFF”.
2) At the site supply socket, withdraw the plug.
3) Disconnect the cable from the caravan.

Reporting EHU Faults

If you encounter a fault with your electrical connection, please go to the Reception Tent to report it, giving your name, site name, and pitch number (which can be found on the white label on the metal pin, or on the yellow plastic tag). An electrician will then be called. Please note we do not have the manpower to repair any faults that occur with your own equipment.

Personal Generators

In the standard (non-electric) pitches, we recommend that campers bring a fully charged leisure battery for use and gas. However, if you do use your own generator, please bear in mind that some campers find the noise of generators distressing. Any generator that is used may only be operated for short periods of time, not exceeding 30 minutes, and generators must not be used before 10.30am or after 9pm. Anyone who uses excessively noisy generators that cause distress to others will be asked to stop using them, or repositioned to another area, or if non co-operative will be asked to leave the site.

Motor Vehicle Movements

The allowance of motor vehicle movement anywhere on the festival ground, including campsites, is limited to vehicles arriving, and vehicles leaving the site. If you are not arriving or leaving, the movement of motor vehicles on site is prohibited. This applies to all motor vehicles including motorcyles.

Mobility Scooters

The use of mobility scooters at the festival is conditional on having third party public liability insurance for their vehicle. Any person not insured should not bring mobility scooters to Twinwood.

Small wheeled "shopping" scooters may not be suitable for the terrain especially in wet weather.

First Aid

First Aid treatment at the festival is provided by a separate first aid company who are a separate legal entity to Twinwood Events Ltd. Any claims resulting from first aid on site should be directed to this first aid company. Twinwood Events Limited accepts no liability for any injury, claim or damages resulting from any first aid treatment on site.

Clothing & Footwear

Many areas are grass, and the pathways are stony, so bring a pair of comfortable shoes/boots with thick grip, non-slip soles, so that slips and falls can be avoided. As we cannot predict the weather, please bring sun protection and suitable clothing and footwear for all weather eventualities.

Axis insignia, Axis medals, and weapons (real or replica) are banned from the site.


There are wooden dance floors in front of some stages, indoors and outdoors. In the case of rainfall, the outdoor dance floor will be slippery when wet. Twinwood Events cannot accept responsibility for any accidents which occur on a dance floor or on any other surface. All dancing is done at your own risk.

Photography & Filming

Cameras for personal use are welcome. No professional filming or photography for commercial gain is allowed without Twinwood Events prior written consent. Twinwood Events official site photographers may take photographs of the crowd for use in future promotional literature, and tickets are purchased on this understanding.


The selling of goods is strictly forbidden and can only be carried out by those official traders who have paid their pitch fee, and have the permission of Twinwood Events Ltd.

Third Party Suppliers

Twinwood Events Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for losses incurred by customers in regard to third party suppliers. These third party suppliers include, among others: traders on site, hotels, B&Bs, hostelries, caravan and camping hire companies, yurt and glamping hire companies, plus all deliveries of goods and services that are made to the festival site which have not been ordered by Twinwood Events limited.

Leaflets & Posters

Distribution of leaflets and fly posting at any place across the site without the prior written permission of the owners is strictly forbidden.

Prohibited Symbols

Twinwood is a friendly and inclusive event, and we ask that festival-goers and traders do not display Axis insignia and the Confederate flag anywhere in the festival grounds and campsites.

Policy Towards Illegal Drugs

Twinwood Events Ltd does not allow illegal drugs/substances or "legal highs" onto the festival grounds. Clear signage at the arena entrance details prohibited items, and any persons suspected of being in possession of illegal drugs/substances will be asked to leave the site and the police may be called.

Privacy Policy

At Twinwood Events Ltd, we are committed to protecting the personal information of all of our customers, ensuring that your information will never get passed on to any third parties. To read our full privacy policy, please Click Here.

TWINWOOD EVENTS LTD reserves the right to:

a) Refuse admission in any circumstances

b) Evict any person breaching the terms and conditions of entry, or committing a criminal offence, or behaving in a disorderly manner, or in a way that has an adverse effect on public safety, or behaving in an anti-social manner or causing a public nuisance.

c) Search all people and personal property upon entry to, and while at the venue.

All that remains to say, is that we look forward to seeing you at Twinwood Festival. If you have any questions, please contact us, as we are happy to help. See you there!

See you at Twinwood - The ultimate vintage festival for music, dance and fashion!

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