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The Family Adventure Marquee

Captain Calamity

Introduced for 2019, our brand-new "Family Adventure Marquee" will be a large indoor venue and can be considered a festival-within-a-festival, with a huge variety of stage shows, films, sideshows and crafts throughout the day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Guinness World Record-Breaking Captain Calamity, (pictured above with Twinwood host Lola Lamour) will be sailing over to Twinwood with 9 uniquely brilliant family shows (3 per day) with jaw-dropping science stunts, enormous balloons, beautiful bubbles, one or two custard pies and enough craziness to send you into fits of giggles before the final curtain comes crashing down!

This exciting new venue will be situated mid-site, just off the Woodland Walk. Don't miss your chance to take part in a splendiferous journey into the wacky world of Captain Calamity. Stay tuned for more details!

See you at Twinwood - The ultimate vintage festival for music, dance and fashion!

Photo credits - photography in header artwork by Stephen Astley-Jones.

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